Month: February 2016




day 57

okay, i know, more pictures of cats, but I took this picture at the end of the night and i just laughed and laughed. Probably need to sleep more. Lighting is difficult with black cats.


melty eye hen


his handsomeness.


ANYWAYS. went swimsuit shopping on Friday which temporarily lost me a lot of my swagger.

listening to: Real Happiness, Sharon Salzberg

studio time: 7




day 56

i should perhaps mention that focus is something I struggle with at times. I think sometimes people assume I have a long attention span, but I am actually pretty easily distractible and building up studio sitting time is a practice for me. Not entirely unlike a meditation practice, some days work better than others.

I just recently restarted meditating as well. As I mentioned before, I am not good at keeping up habits, especially if they are good for me. I do find that it steadies me though.


listening to: You are a Badass, by Jen Sincero

studio time: 10




day 55

I started this day with a  lunchtime breakfast with a friend. What a nice way to start the day.

My paynes gray chart. a buffet of paynes grey. No, i never get tired of thinking that sentence. I first grew fond of paynes grey through Golden, and theirs heavily slants towards blue.  I never much thought a great deal about different brands and different versions of colors before this.

listening to: The World Until Yesterday, Jared Diamond

studio time: 9:30




day 54

starting to take some kind of shape! I originally wrote that as staring to take some kind of shape, and that would be true. theres always a lot of staring, and peeking from around things, trying to look at it with new eyes. still got the same ole peepers though.

Swim class Tueday! I did the backstroke!

listening to: the world until yesterday, Jared Diamond

time in studio: 7





day 53

okay, having to backtrack again. for some reason I resist habits. Especially if it seems like they are becoming established or might be useful. I can get myself to take a picture at the end of the night but then I’m too filled with sleepy apathy to post.  Oh well, try, try again. this was a day of drawing.

listening to : A Crime, Sharon Van Etten

Time in studio: 8




day 50!

i didn’t really believe I would be able to keep this up for 50 almost sorta sequential days.

but here i am.

making sketches and sketches of sketches.

also stopped out at openings at 78th street with my girl Dana Oldfather. busy busy over there. Beautiful fiber show with Rebecca Cross, Jessica Pinsky and Libby Chaney.

listening to: my heartbeat through headphones with no audio on. or maybe under headphones. or because of headphones?

studio time:7:30