Month: October 2010

pictures from the POVevolving show

Please let me say right off the bat that the sculptures in these pictures are the awesome work of Jeremy Mora, not me..
I haven’t done anything sculptural since I had to for classes in the 90’s. but I digress. I do claim responsibility for the paintings and etchings pictured here.

heres a quick shot from outside:

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show opening this weekend in LA


This painting isn’t actually in the show, but it’s a fun painting. 🙂
I will be showing work with fantastic mister Jeremy Mora.
check out his work at

check out more info on the show here:

bug town

My studio at FAWC had huge doors that led to the outdoors and since I worked at night, little bug friends would get into my studio and then fly around, flinging their bodies at walls and making little thunking noises. This really bothered me at first, so I decided to start documenting them. Then I was looking for more bugs to stop by! here are a couple silly shots..if you dont care for bugs, i wouldnt go past the jump.



Rochester Contemporary Art Center

 I had a great time in Rochester while visiting for the opening of State of the City, a show including me, Trevor Flynn, and Spectres of Liberty.

Here I am with  Bleu Cease, the tireless director of RoCo.

and a few shots of my work at the show:

For more pictures of the rest of the show, including Vicki Hartman‘s excellent show in the Lab Space, check it out here:

The show ended on Sept 19th.

lets pretend its August.

okay,  my blog is going back in time and pretending like i got around to posting things as they happened . 😉

here are some pics from my studio at the fine arts work center in August:


Most of these paintings ended up at Art San Diego with Michael Rosenthal Gallery.

I am actually home in Cleveland now, and just finished up work for a show at POVevolving opening on the 16th of October.

I am now looking through some of the images I took while in Cape Cod. These next two may emphasize how sleep deprived I was getting. I spilled my tea and was enchanted by the heart shaped spill it left. I found this jpg titled "my tea loves me"

and this one: "as does the paper towels"