Month: January 2008

been feeling lazy. i doused my laptop with my painting water and now have to copy and paste every time i use the letter v. yep that was three pastings already. oh well.

otherwise things are well enough. Besides the White Walls show, I’ve got some work in a group show at Zg Gallery and the show at limited addiction is coming up in February . I have a few other things in the works that may or may not happen.
studio pics coming soon.

website updated

even my mom knows it’s time to finally update.

well i’ve been working doggedly for the past month to finish some paintings for the show at White Walls in San Francisco.

all the new images are on the site,
but here’s a couple to look at anyways:

title or description
house cluster 12 x 11.75

title or description
tiltawhirl 19.5 x 22

The other artists- Alex Lukas and Chris Pew look pretty awesome and I’m psyched about the show. I wish i could make it to the opening. jan 12

Alex Lukas

Chris Pew

the ad has one of Alex’s images, really nice:

i’m afraid i had to absorb myself so much to get things finished, i darn near neglected everything else- family, friends, my girls, the holiday season, sleep, correspondence and even personal hygiene. so i apologize for all that. really. happy new year everyone.