Month: August 2011

Little Thing magazine

Little Thing magazine out of China featured some of my work earlier this year.
Unfortunately I can’t understand the language, but they have some very lovely images in
their magazines.

Little Thing is an independent fashion and art magazine targeting Chinese young creative
females and circulates in 5 big Chinese cities(Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou
and Shenzhen)

check out my work in the magazine!

video for Cleveland Arts Prize

I already posted this on my facebook page and I know Zg sent it out, so hopefully people aren’t feeling haunted and harangued by my visage by now, but thought i would link to the video Ted Sikkora did of me in my studio for the Cleveland Arts Prize, if only to keep everything tidy and all together.

Amy Casey from Cleveland Arts Prize on Vimeo.

Free Hugs!

I love the name of this Russian magazine. They were lovely and kind enough to use my work on their cover earlier this year. I believe that date under “Free Hugs” is December 2010-January 2011. Just call me a language detective.
Whoops, I seem to have cut the top edge off in the scan. gah.