Month: January 2010

etchings at POV Evolving

I have two small editions of prints at POV Evolving, they are etchings I made at Zygote press. These are some of the first editions I have
finished so I am pretty proud!  I am a total beginner printmaker, but I think I am coming along. These prints use etching, aquatint and a little dry point here and there. I toiled over them by myself, so there is some variation in color/plate tone etc.

Fenced in and Building Upwards- I have two separate editions of this, the one at POV is the second. The main difference between the two is the color.

Blue House

check them and other prints out at

show opening at Michael Rosenthal

Show opening at Michael Rosenthal this Saturday in San Francisco.
I am here for the opening, and I am pretty excited because it is my first time here!
a few of the new pieces in the show…

Michael Rosenthal is located on Valencia between 15th and 14th,
the opening is January 16th, from 6-9pm. The exhibition runs until February 27th.