Month: July 2012

another piece in progress

It’s really difficult for me to get pictures of pre-painting drawings because I draw very lightly (so that it’s easier to erase later), and the lighting in my studio is not so great. I fiddled a great deal with photoshop contrast knobs and now at least  the drawing is clearer, although not so true to life since this is much darker than reality.  At any rate, here is one kind of early stage of my paintings- usually I start this way with paper. I find it easier to scrape paint off of panels, so I can start those much looser with paint.  (You can see some of that on the top of the panel in the last post) Although I like pinning down most of the particulars with these drawings,  I try not to get too carried away with detail since I’m painting over the drawing anyways. But I like to be able to identify each building, so it’s easier when I go back with paint.  This is about 5 1/2 ft across right now.

here’s a sort of detail.


Altering the contrast on this drawing makes me think of the many sad moments in the post photoshop world -where while staring blearily at your painting before you go to bed, you think for a minute: gah, I wish I could turn the contrast up or change the color with a few mouse clicks! 🙂

speaking of Boomtown


A detail of Boomtown ended up on this lovely architecture and design magazine out of Madrid- Pasajes Arquitectura y Critica. There’s a ton of fascinating stuff in this bad boy.

Here’s a link to their website:

and the other page I have inside the magazine:


Cleveland Arts Prize for Zygote Press



Here’s Ted Sikora’s film for the CAP on Zygote press- Liz Maugans and Bellamy Printz got a Martha Joseph Prize for being the engine behind Zygote Press for 16 years.  I was lucky enough to get to be the person who bestowed medals on them at the ceremony.  I can’t gush enough about these ladies, they are always on the hunt for new plans and ideas to touch more of the community with printing ink and art in general. Not only do they make Zygote Press possible, they have their own individual art careers they are working on, and great families and jobs. Needless to say, I generally feel like a slug around them, but they never make a slacker feel shamed.

probably better to watch at the vimeo page, i can’t seem to get the embedded video to display any bigger.