Month: June 2012

Parade the circle 2


Me and Beth went and checked out Parade the Circle for the first time this year. It was fun! I was impressed by how long the parade was! I didnt get the best pictures, but i did get Robin Van Lear’s stilted houses, and another float with houses, though I am not sure who made that one.  Robin is the lady on the golden stilts!

Image Image Image Image Image Image

this one just made me giggle:


Parade the circle


I made the art for the poster and tshirt for Parade the Circle  here in Cleveland this year. This is an annual parade in University Circle which features floats and costumes made specifically for the event, and with- I believe- no  logos, advertising or motorized vehicles. This is the 23rd year of this parade, and will be my first time attending it, I’m usually out of town when it is going on. It is on June 9th, the day after my birthday. Hopefully me and my twin wont be run over by stilt walkers.

I haven’t seen the tshirts- it’s a different design than the poster- but hopefully they turned out okay. Gosh I seem to be writing a lot of choppy sentences today! I will try to get some pics of the parade, I hear there may be some moving houses on stilts in the parade (thus my poster) so that should be fun. I recall one year while I worked at the art museum as a security guard that someone made a dung beetle costume along with a giant dung ball to roll. I do regret not seeing that one in action.

you can find more info about the parade here: