Month: November 2011

John Waters inspiration

Also still up until December 10th at Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art is Bodies of Waters, a group show in which the artists were invited to create a piece inspired by the films of John Waters.


dreamland bus tours


My painting combined elements of settings from: Female Trouble, Pink Flamingos, Desperate Living, Polyester, Hairspray, Serial Mom, A Dirty Shame and Pecker.  I included some repeating imagery like buses and laundry lines and even snuck in some rats.  Sort of my imagined cobbled version of Baltimore through Waters movies..

My knee jerk reaction at first had been to make some kind of a trailer park, but as I watched the movies, I realized how many different sort of places Mr. Waters set his movies in. From the suburbs to the inner city, each movie gives you a different little peek at the city.  Assignments always make me over think everything, and I think the finished piece is way more me than John Waters, but well, wherever you go, there you are. It was a good challenge though and a great excuse to immerse myself in John Waters’ movies.

I am actually going to do another assignment sort of painting again next year as there will be another Twin Peaks inspired show in 2012, but this time based specifically around Fire Walk with me- the movie. So wish me luck.