Month: October 2012


This was my sketch for Sway, a commission I did this summer. I put together a little slide show of various pictures I took while painting it- I didn’t really intend to present them this way, I just take the pictures for my own reference. With my smaller studio, it can be hard to stand back and look at a larger piece, so sometimes looking at it on the computer gives me a different way to see a painting. Sometimes I mess around with them on photoshop when I am considering how to paint certain elements, like the net holding up the houses.

I was also documenting changes to keep the gallery updated on where I was on the painting. They are such supportive folks- they were even enthusiastic at the first blurry image, which goes to show they have a lot of imagination over at Zg Gallery. They are the best.

While going through my files, I thought maybe it would be interesting to see them in a slide show, so here they are! Since these pics were taken casually, and under various lighting conditions, they don’t sync up perfectly. I did alter some(cropping, changing perspective, lighting) to make it a little more smooth.

ARCHITECTURAL DEINFORCEMENT: Constructing Disaster and Decay

I wanted to share some pictures of an exhibition I am included in at Cerritos College in Norwalk California. The show is closing today, I think- October 11th. I wasn’t able to get out to see it myself, but the installation shots look great and I am in some good company. Curated by Gallery Director James MacDevitt, the other artists include: Kelly Cline, Maysey Craddock, Preston Daniels, Veronique D’Entremont, Yvette Gellis, Ashley Hagen, Wendy Heldmann, Susan Logoreci, Alex Schaefer, Sonja Schenk, Aili Schmeltz and Andy Vogt.

Cerritos College Art Gallery also put together a nice catalog, maybe I will try to get some scans of it on here soon. In the meantime: