Month: March 2013

weekend update

This past week I have been dealing with a cold. Everytime I go out of town lately I seem to get a cold. Very disheartening.

Most of the work being done is drawing, which is really hard to see in photographs or detailing, which is also pretty hard to see in wide shots too, but I present to you a couple shots of what is going on in the studio.Image

ImageMost everything for the show is now penciled in at the very least. I havent really worked on so many pieces at once for a long time. I had been in a habit of doing one or maybe two pieces until finished, but I wanted to try to get a lot of things going at once so I could shift around a lot and see how things cross pollinate. I don’t know if this is the best strategy because it takes longer for things to get to the finish line, and that can be discouraging. oh well. I am still feeling good about how things are going.

audio books lately: Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrell.. I thought this was pretty good, and I appreciated the little Jane Austen references, but it was a little hard to get through at points. sorta like Dickens meets Neil Gaiman, and with a little too much Dickens. The only Dickens I recall enjoying was Great Expectations. and a certain friends dramatic interpretation of Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Day. Maybe someday I will change my mind. But not today. 


tying things into knots

ImageMore stability right? Speaking of stability, I realize my weekly studio posts are falling apart. I am tied between wanting to share the process of putting together a show and not wanting to burn my 3 readers out on the same stuff over and over. At any rate I was not in my studio most of this past week, I was in New York City for the opening of the Norwood and Underline Present group show at Underline Gallery. So instead of working, I fretted and ate bagels and caught up with some good friends and enjoyed the city. City Knot Study (what an awesome title, I know) will be on display at Underline until April 26th, along with an etching.  Doing this painting helped me figure out some logistical things for a bigger painting I plan to finish for the show at Zg.  So i better go get to work on that now.

Studio Saturday




I have indeed taken pictures in my studio again today, but I feel like shaking things up a little.  I thought instead of posting my incremental changes this week, I would post some of my studio notes. Whenever I am getting everything together to start a show, I sit down and look through all my notepads for painting ideas and pick ones that seem to make sense together and that i just really want to actually see for whatever reason. I make these little doodles of them all in one place, to kind of map out the work I have in front of me. I don’t always do all of the paintings, and I usually add new things as ideas strike me while working, but I always like to start off with a plan of sorts.  It’s not much to look at, but its nice to have a reference when I am feeling lost. This past week, I have been working as usual and also sending off work for a group show in NY at Underline Gallery(sort of the part two to the group show last year).

info about that show opening next week is here:

I’ve been watching Parks and Recreation this week and stand up by  Louis C.K and Aziz Ansari (I guess my mind enjoys tie-ins) All good stuff and cracked me up during a week of having  the blues. Made me realize I miss listening to comedians, and comedy probably puts me in a better frame of mind then all the true crime programs I watch.

P.S this blog set up chooses the background color from the photo I put up top, and looking at the preview, I can only apologize for the mustard medley the blog created from my yellow note pad.