Month: September 2006

upcoming stuff.

hooray, i think the zygote opening went well. thanks to everyone who came out. the security fella said there were over 200 people to celebrate the reopening of zygote. i think i was fairly pleased with how the prints turned out. i would love to continue printmaking.
when i remember both my camera and charged batteries at the same time, i’ll get some pictures to post.

coming up, i am involved in 48 hours of making art.
which is at the B.K. Smith Gallery at Lake Erie College during the weekend of Oct. 20-22

heres a list of participating artists:

Robert Banks, Cleveland
Lauren Berke, New York, NY
Amy Casey, Cleveland
Lane Cooper, Cleveland
Pamela Dodds, Cleveland
Cavana Faithwalker, Cleveland
Jean Frater, Cleveland
Charles Fornia, Chicago, IL
Brian Harnetty, Cleveland
Kate Joranson, Pittsburgh, PA
Nathaniel Parsons, Cleveland
Cecelia Phillips, Austin, TX
The Skavas, Cleveland
Charmaine Spencer, Cleveland
Laura Vinnedge, Akron
Casey Vogt, Akron
Daiv Whaley, Akron
Gadi Zamir, Cleveland

and a show at 1300 gallery in Nov, although i cant think off the top of my head with whom. Two different people I dont know.

opening at zygote!

well, this is it!
i’ve run out of printing time, and the opening for the show is tomorrow!

zygotes new location is at 1410 E 30th (between superior and st. clair)

and the opening is friday evening 6pm-9pm
after this, gallery hours are wed, 11-3 and saturday, noon-4, and by appt., 216 621 2900

i cant remember exactly how long the show will be up, i think 3 weeks- a month or so? when i find out, i will post it.

i dont have any images of my prints handy, but here’s one of the paintings which will be in the show.

everything is on paper this time around. i think theres around 9 paintings, a few painting print hybrids and about 18 or so prints. 🙂 refreshments will be served!