Month: March 2016


day 88


day 89

have been feeling at an impasse, not sure how to finish the painting i’ve been working on, and not sure how to start a new painting. When this happens, I generally like to tidy and reorganize things, my go to comfort. Hen looks like he is wearing a head dress.

went to see Jonathan Richman perform, yay


time in studio 5 hours tetrising my studio and misc, 3 hours drawing

listening to: Dignified and Old, the Modern Lovers


day 87.jpg


day 87

this squirrel was hollering at Henry today. He’s pretty cute though I think squirrels are sort of crazy and I am always suspicious that they will jump on my head, creating a national lampoon like chevy chase scenario. so i give them room. a nice day out!


time in studio: 10

listening to: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams


day 82.JPG


day 82.

of course when I knock over a jar of paint, has to be the super liquid-y open acrylics which take longer to dry. I guess I actually knock over the other jars all the time but they just don’t spill over everything and become memorable.

last time to swim at the downtown ymca before it closes and reopens in a new space. sigh. Change.

Time in Studio: 9

Listening to: Where You’ll Find Me Now, Neutral Milk Hotel