Month: February 2016




day 49

Sketching to figure out what this blank paper will be. There’s always this gulf between what I can see in my day dream mind and what comes out and ends up on the page. I sometimes feel like I don’t have all that much control over the whole process, which is something for someone who is such a control freak. Always relearning to let things go.


listening to: Alaska Journals, Episode 1

studio time:8




day 48


day 48

Henry likes to remind me to stop wasting time. or maybe to feed him. or both.

today was spent catching up with various tasks, and lollygagging over things that didn’t need to get done but are fun to think about, and going through pictures that really didn’t need to be done at all, but I get sentimental sometimes. and then I went to go see David Cross perform at the Masonic Auditorium. Not sure whether to laugh or cry sometimes, but I tend to agree with him a lot of the time. Was glad I went.

back to the studio tomorrow, got things i wanna do!

listening to: Pictures of Success, Rilo Kiley

time: lets think about that tomorrow







day 47

okay, also have to work on an self employment ledger to prove to someone that I really do make the amount of money I claimed i did while getting insurance. Sometimes being self employed is a big drag. Today also proved to me that yes, if I have a bag of gummy bears, I will eat them until I make myself slightly ill. See this line of bears looking at me reprovingly. Of course a big lump of slowly dissolving gelatin and sugar sitting in your digestive system may make you feel like everyone is looking at you through disapproving eyes. I’m not even sure gummy bears have eyes. just divots.

I did get to swim class though!

listening to: Trouble, Lisa Germano

hours: cant even begin to say, though I was mostly caught up by the end of the evening






day 46

It’s kind of nice to spend some time in my office as I don’t usually sit around here all that much. Unfortunately it accompanies having to scrutinize all of last year’s decisions. Some things have been fun to relive, others have left me a little woozy. Oh well, at least I have a foot warmer in my office. I tend to make poor food decisions when I spend this much time next to the kitchen though.

Listening to: All I Want to Know, Magnetic Fields

time in the office: no idea, there is no time anymore.




day 45


this picture is just a cry for help. I had to get my taxes out of the way and for whatever reason I did not keep up with my paperwork at all last year, leaving me a drawer of papers that made me want to weep when I opened it.

listening to: Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard, Paul Simon

studiotime: well, not really though i did spend 9 and a half hours sorting through papers






Day 44

The trip to Defiance was fine, and the director of the gallery, Mia, was delightful. I was feeling kinda woozy from the combination of not sleeping and over caffeinating, but installation went fine. I like the reflections in this picture.

listening to: buzzing in my head

hours in the studio: well, it was 6 hours driving  and maybe 4 hours installing. Then I spent about 3 and a half hours trying to scrub the chaos off my studio.





day 43

hmm, this must have been when I started on Friday, cause it looks mostly unchanged from the day before. I did finish this painting by the end of the evening though I think I might change it when I get it back from the show. I was trying to roll back my sleep schedule at the end of this week because I had to get up early on Saturday to install the show in Defiance, and going to sleep at 6 am does not help you to get up at 8 am. The results of my sleep schedule tampering were, as usual, uneven at best and I ended up only getting a few hours. oh well.

Listening to: Dignified and Old, The Modern Lovers

Time in studio:8:30




day 42

trying to finish this last panel before the Defiance show. I’ve had this panel on the wall just sketched in but kinda naked for awhile now-a year or so, but never got to it. I don’t know that it turned out how I thought it would, but there you go, one of my most oft repeated thoughts about my paintings.

Listening to: kept switching between On the Origin of Species by Darwin and Sex and the City.

Time in studio:10




day 41

whoops got behind a bit.. i was still taking daily pics but not posting, so i will backtrack a bit.

Since I got my metal desk skin, (an exoskeleton of sorts for my wooden desk) i have been finding these stacking magnets useful. i was sorting pics on my desk with them this day. I organize my building reference pics by number of floors. At some point along the line, I realized that if I wrote the number of floors on the back of the photo, it would be easier to refile them. Sometimes it’s embarrassing how long it takes me to think of these things. I started stamping pics on the back when I use them in paintings for no other reason than my own curiosity last year.

listening to: Collapse by Jared Diamond

studio time: 9