Month: January 2016


2016-01-29 20.41.39-1


day 29

Me n Doug at My Friends, which is where we usually end up after going to art openings. it could be that the art openings are an excuse to go to diners.

I met Douglas Max Utter about 15 years ago (?) when I came back to Cleveland, and he has been one of my dearest friends and one of the architects of my continuing sanity. Doug is a painter and writer- so smart and literate.

In the studio, still working on a small panel.

listening to: Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America by Jill Leovy

studio time: 10


day 27.jpg


day 27

didnt sleep at all last night, just didn’t happen. so now i am feeling fuzzy and .. yeah i dont know.  at least i got a lot of useful tossing and turning and rehashing pointless thoughts over and over done. phew. dropped off last piece to get framed for the show at framers while mumbling incoherently about something or other. and worked on panel when second wind kicked in. straggling to bed now. hah this picture made sense at the time, stripping back to a smaller palette for a few paintings. so there you go.

listening to: parks and rec

studio time 8:30



day 25.jpg


day 25

an off day. today was so scattered and discombobulated. somedays it is hard to rein in my thoughts and attention.

Something I miss a lot from Homer (besides my adorable peeps there) was being so close to the shore to walk and clear my head. Even if your head was still unclear at the end of the walk, at least you got some air. and got to talk to some birds.

listening to: whose line is it anyway, the original radio program

studio time: 8


day 24.jpg


day 24

Losing track of the days here. though I did have a waffle today so yeah,  it must be Sunday. I am pretty sure anyone could completely throw me off my calendar by bringing over waffles on a Tuesday.

Finishing some things, including painting on this proof. I don’t have the plate quite worked out, but this is what I’m shooting for. The actual print isn’t far off, but I’m not happy with parts of the aquatint. Kinda patchy.  I titled this Windy Swishes because it makes me smile when I say it and also brings back my years of speech therapy. Good times.

listening to: werewolf, cocorosie

studio time: 11


day 23.jpg


day 23

lots of preciseness going on today. well- precision, to be precise.

Sometimes when I am searching for a title for a painting and can’t pull it out of the sky, I look in a thesaurus and follow word after word in a title chase. A lot of the time, I find titles of paintings I would love to make while I am searching. Words are pretty awesome. I wish I was better at wielding them.

listening to: guns, germs, and steel by Jared Diamond

studio time: 11



day 22


day 22

stark lighting. what if it turned out that my cats have been doing all my paintings all this time?

i woke up to a cancelled dentist appointment, then fell asleep til 4pm. Fudge, sleep has galloped  away from me again like an ostrich. Nervous bird. Anyways, yes, this is how cat hair gets all over my work. Inquisitive felines.

Listening to: Please Speak Well of Me, the Weepies

studio time: 10