Month: March 2016


day 77


day 77

leaning towers.

i felt a little conflicted about listing my studio time on this blog. I don’t think hours in the studio means you are great or that its a badge of honor to overwork. I have managed to simmer down a bit since I first quit my day job and loosely try to keep a routine of between 7-10 hours a day. I sometimes wish my work was more time friendly, but i guess if i really wanted that, all I would have to do is make different work. I do find working steadies me mentally (in much the way Wanda’s snore used to.) 🙂  At any rate, I do keep regular track of my time anyways and studio practice is such a big part of my life. so decided i would list it.

time in studio: 9:30

listening to Up up & Away, Kid Cudi


day 76.JPG


day 76

my memorial to my first studio cat friend, wanda. she used to sit on my shoulders while I worked until she got pudgy enough to make that difficult. The sound of her snores was always steadying to me and she purred like a cooing dove.

in studio 10:30

listening to: Blood:Stories Of Life And Death From The Civil War


day 75


day 75

incremental progress. got picked up by a cop today walking on my way home from swim class, but it turned out to be a friend i hadn’t seen in sometime who was just saying hi. heh. Also had tea with Dana. A social sort of day for me.

time in studio: 8:15

listening to: Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg




day 73


Today I should have gone to the artists reception of Art 360 at Southern Ohio Museum & Cultural Center but I totally forgot about it. I am not always the best at planning. Sorry. The show is  all ostrich eggs, and I made this one.  Check it out here. The word here is a link, by the way. Its kinda hard to tell with this blog.


Listening to : Bad reputation, Joan Jett

Time in Studio: 9:30