This was my sketch for Sway, a commission I did this summer. I put together a little slide show of various pictures I took while painting it- I didn’t really intend to present them this way, I just take the pictures for my own reference. With my smaller studio, it can be hard to stand back and look at a larger piece, so sometimes looking at it on the computer gives me a different way to see a painting. Sometimes I mess around with them on photoshop when I am considering how to paint certain elements, like the net holding up the houses.

I was also documenting changes to keep the gallery updated on where I was on the painting. They are such supportive folks- they were even enthusiastic at the first blurry image, which goes to show they have a lot of imagination over at Zg Gallery. They are the best.

While going through my files, I thought maybe it would be interesting to see them in a slide show, so here they are! Since these pics were taken casually, and under various lighting conditions, they don’t sync up perfectly. I did alter some(cropping, changing perspective, lighting) to make it a little more smooth.


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