1. You have great instincts as an artist.Follow what your heart and your gut are telling you to do. Don’t let the feeling that you have been “unproductive” wear you down. It’s easy to judge ourselves too harshly.

  2. Just completed my degree in addictions counseling-and got my Ohio Licensure, I know that’s not your issue, but I do other counseling as well-please feel free to reach out if you need too!. No charge of course,lol!. Use the email attached to my account on here!

  3. Hi Amy, Hope you are feeling better-I do apologize if I came off as if you need help or anything, just someone to talk to you, no harm or foul I hope- on another note- I have fairly large oil on canvas by Fredrick browning( my ex-father in law) -they are all ww11 planes in various situations-some fighting, some are just of the planes, but very well done and rather large. Fred was an adjunct professor for a time at the Cleveland institute of art- he did the 1976 Olympic calendar, the new Dutch boy (for the paint company) he did work for porche and Chevy, all well done!. I am looking to sell a few, any contacts you may have that would be interested in this type of work? please let me know, I can also send some pics!

    Thanks John..
    I do hope your feeling better, I get the blues too,very normal unless t goes on for more tn 4 or5 weeks!

    1. no worries, just needed some time away. sorry, i don’t know anything to help you place your painting, like most artists i know more people selling than buying. 😉

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