Show at Zygote Press!


Sara Tabbert, visiting from Fairbanks!

The Rasmuson Artist Residency Exchange Exhibition at Zygote Press presents the work of Sara Tabbert (Summer, 2016),Elizabeth Emery (Fall, 2014), Amy Casey (Fall, 2015), and Michael Walsh (Summer, 2015)EVENTS (free and open to the public):
Exhibition at Zygote Press: July 8 – July 28, 2016
Opening Reception: July 8, 2016, 6-8pmJenny and Elmer Rasmuson’s vision for the Foundation was to support projects of lasting impact to benefit Alaskans, and the Foundation stays true to these core beliefs in service, family, community, resource development and a deep love of the land. These values shape the foundation’s philosophy of giving to organizations that demonstrate a respect for the land and its people, for sustainable economic development, and for the enhancement of the arts and social services in Alaska.

Since 2013, the Artist Residency Program supports eight-week residencies for Alaska artists at Lower 48 organizations and welcomes accomplished artists to Alaska organizations. Zygote Press is honored to partner with the Bunnell Street Arts Center in Homer, Alaska.

one of my ink drawings!
Im sorry i dont have any images of Michael or Elizabeth’s work handy right now!

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