Month: June 2016


stuart davis

day 8

stuart davis at the Whitney! i think i tend to prefer his work from the late 20s and early thirties. like this one.

i was also happy to see an old buddy from the Terra. I do remember many of the artworks i used to guard, and recognize them when i go to museums. I saw a Degas belonging to the CMA at the MoMA, on loan right now. it always makes me smile when i think i remember one, and i walk up and look at the name tag, and yup, there it is, the lender either the CMA or the Terra.

it was this one, btw: Super Table (not the best pics)stuart davis 2.jpg


2016-06-14 12.09.36.jpg


day 7

there’s a cool show of architectural models by Japanese architects up at the MoMA, lots of different ways of thinking about integrating with the environment. This one pictured is by Sou Fujimoto.

seeing lots of interesting things!


listening to: air conditioner

studio time: 0, but my brain is whirring!