Month: April 2016


day 105.JPG


day 105

finally attached my lamp over my desk securely to the wall. its been threatening to bring down my shelf for ages. Almost knocked myself out slinging the lamp around.

Stopped by the Zygote Press membership party today. good folks.


listening to: The Caedmon Poetry Collection:A Century of Poets Reading Their Work

studio time: 8


day 98

day 98


the euclid tavern shows up now and again in my paintings.. to be honest i never spent much time there when I was in college(it was across the street from the school) I didn’t really drink, and didn’t get to a ton of shows. But I do have some funny and awkward memories attached to the place. and I like the sign. it’s wee in this painting.

day 98b


time in studio 8:45

listening to: Whats the Altitude, Cut Chemist