day 77


day 77

leaning towers.

i felt a little conflicted about listing my studio time on this blog. I don’t think hours in the studio means you are great or that its a badge of honor to overwork. I have managed to simmer down a bit since I first quit my day job and loosely try to keep a routine of between 7-10 hours a day. I sometimes wish my work was more time friendly, but i guess if i really wanted that, all I would have to do is make different work. I do find working steadies me mentally (in much the way Wanda’s snore used to.) 🙂  At any rate, I do keep regular track of my time anyways and studio practice is such a big part of my life. so decided i would list it.

time in studio: 9:30

listening to Up up & Away, Kid Cudi

One comment

  1. Yes you put in tons of hours – it definitely shows in your work and how the time investment’s a huge part of your process. I stared tracking hours this year and have been struggling to get anywhere near your daily #s…

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