day 65


day 65

the short view. I have kind of a weird habit of working systematically(left to right in this case, though that varies) once I have everything in place, and I use strings to keep track of what is done. I cant exactly explain why I do it other than it helps me focus and it’s a small joy to move the string when i’ve rendered a bit or piece. it doesn’t necessarily mean its done- i have to step back and see how it all works together and if things need to change.

listening to: Oh the Things I know! Al Franken

studio time: 11


  1. Hi Amy,
    I have a kiln that has been sitting in my garage for like 10 years, I bought it for my ex who at the time was an art teacher at Collinwood High school-older model- only used maybe three times-mint condition. Im trying to clean my garage out and that has been taking up a lot of room-cheap and can deliver if interested in trying your hand at sculpting.


    1. Thanks for thinking of me, but I have come to the conclusion that I really don’t work well in 3d. I’m sure theres someone out there who needs it!

  2. Your welcome!. If you happen to know someone or come across someone that maybe interested please let me know-if its for a good cause id probably just donate it.

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