Month: January 2016


day 21.jpg


day 21

drawing and starting a little something new today.  so filled with nameless anxiety last night i couldn’t sleep. today was chores and steak, i was grainy and crackly and sharp with tired. hopefully sleeping goes more smoothly tonight.

i love this tiny eraser stick by tombow. it shreds a bit but not too bad, you just have to watch that you don’t advance it too far. though i did improve it by gluing a magnet to the end so it stops rolling off my desk. in your face once again, gravity!

listening to: heater

time in studio :10



day 20


day 20

got to spend time working at Zygote Press for the first time in ages.

Zygote is a green studio now, so clean up is with soy solve which is what is breaking up the ink in my image above. Been proofing a plate, getting closer.

Back home to tom kha kai and drawing.

listening to: I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Scott Matthew

studio time: 10





day 19

swimming day, hooray! also, scanning work, making finishing touches and cleaning brushes today. i probably have too many brushes. they are just so lovely when they are new. ordering brushes is a bit of a weakness. plus i take terrible care of most of my brushes. i mean well. in so many of the things that i do terribly.

listening to: Car, Built to Spill, me singing along: i wanna seeee movies of my dreams….

studio time:9





day 14

woot, woot  I finally got a metal covering for my drafting table so i can hold things in place with magnets. take that, gravity! i would make practically everything magnetic if i could. so handy. Already using less masking tape.

been struggling with this painting today and making some changes. We’ll see!

listening to: i love you but i’m lost, Sharon Van Etten

studio time 11


day 12


day 12

Tuesday is my swimming lesson day at the Y! I am feeling so much better about swimming now, though I am still working at getting better. Just took me half a year! I am a slowpoke, and awkward. But I am a determined awkward slowpoke.

Speaking of, still working on this painting. Sometimes titles come to me while I am working, and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they come but I don’t write them down, then forget them, like this one. I guess my brain subconsciously rejected it.

listening to: heater blowing

studio time: 10