On Quilts

magI meant to mention that I snuck into a quilting magazine- American Quilter- last year, piggybacking with a quilter named Jennifer from the Chicago Modern Quilts Guild. The article by Linda Hungerford is about quilting groups making quilts inspired by art, and Jen made a quilt based off of one of my paintings called Safety Net.



This was a big secret thrill in a way, because I love to make quilts, though my quilting is entirely self taught and won’t be getting me into any articles anytime soon. Heck, if a fabric store employee starts asking me too many questions about what I am doing, i get a little nervous and sweaty, because I don’t know the jargon and I may have a little fear that they will beat me about the ears when they see my “technique”. ha! I know that is all in my head, as I am sure they are just trying to be helpful. But still, I try not to browse too long. Cause you never know.

I started my first mini quilt top when I was 11 or 12, mostly out of bits of materials I got from the home ec trash, so it was a ridiculous melange of different stuffed animal fabrics and whatever else I could scrounge.  (yeah, I was popular in middle school.) I think the final product was about 4 foot square with some very dodgy stitching and I never got around to quilting it.  Since then, I  have made a number of quilts, only slightly more advanced in their construction, and I have given most of them away. Heres a picture of one that I kept for myself- one that I finally made after remembering I could after fruitless shopping for blankets that suit my love of the color orange.



Frankie trying to pretend she is a patch.

I love hand sewing, so many tiny gestures that add up to make a whole. I am kinda compulsive and enjoy repetition and doing things with my hands, so it’s an ideal hobby for me. Since I don’t have a lot of extra time these days (or maybe i just need to manage it better), finishing one takes a couple of years and I haven’t been able to work on one for four years or so. Hopefully I can carve out bits of time in the future and get back to it.

So thank you Jennifer Benoit for doing a nice job on your quilt and also for my vicarious quilting magazine moment! and giving me a reason to wax sentimental about sewing. heh.

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  1. I love all your paintings especially those colorful paintings. your brushwork is smooth and dramatic.
    I am looking forword to your new paintings, and I hope you could create more paintings of different themes, such as nature, animals, people, stuff like that.

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