Last call for Zygote Press kickstarter!

Zygote Press is in the last days of a kickstarter to get their annex space, a seperate contract printing studio going. The day to day activity at Zygote Press with classes, tours and resident artists makes it challenging to find the space needed to add an active, professional editioning program to their services. Creating a new studio is a enormous undertaking but will result in a place to help both visiting and local artists to create editions of their work.


Zygote Press is very dear to my heart- they taught this shy painting doofus how to make prints, and it is one of the few places that I feel comfortable these days. I will be making a print to be included in the rewards for supporting the project $500 and up, and I am in good company because there are so many amazing rewards already available. Aside from other rewards such as a tshirt, mug, coasters, a ink house poster, a cocktail printmaking party that at least me and Liz Maugans will be attending and my print, there are also prints by Bellamy Prints, Liz Maugans and Corrie Slawson, all of this available at the 500 level! You will never be ashamed to ask someone up to see your etchings again. If you love printmaking, please consider supporting this, even if for only a few bucks.

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