tying things into knots

ImageMore stability right? Speaking of stability, I realize my weekly studio posts are falling apart. I am tied between wanting to share the process of putting together a show and not wanting to burn my 3 readers out on the same stuff over and over. At any rate I was not in my studio most of this past week, I was in New York City for the opening of the Norwood and Underline Present group show at Underline Gallery. So instead of working, I fretted and ate bagels and caught up with some good friends and enjoyed the city. City Knot Study (what an awesome title, I know) will be on display at Underline until April 26th, along with an etching.  Doing this painting helped me figure out some logistical things for a bigger painting I plan to finish for the show at Zg.  So i better go get to work on that now.


  1. Well, I find your weekly updates to be very inspiring and I always look forward to them. Good luck in NY and also at ZG in the spring! And yes, City Knot Study is a great title!!

  2. excelent job amy!I just discovered recently. congratulations! greetings from a stududent of arq from Argentina

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