Studio Saturday




I have indeed taken pictures in my studio again today, but I feel like shaking things up a little.  I thought instead of posting my incremental changes this week, I would post some of my studio notes. Whenever I am getting everything together to start a show, I sit down and look through all my notepads for painting ideas and pick ones that seem to make sense together and that i just really want to actually see for whatever reason. I make these little doodles of them all in one place, to kind of map out the work I have in front of me. I don’t always do all of the paintings, and I usually add new things as ideas strike me while working, but I always like to start off with a plan of sorts.  It’s not much to look at, but its nice to have a reference when I am feeling lost. This past week, I have been working as usual and also sending off work for a group show in NY at Underline Gallery(sort of the part two to the group show last year).

info about that show opening next week is here:

I’ve been watching Parks and Recreation this week and stand up by  Louis C.K and Aziz Ansari (I guess my mind enjoys tie-ins) All good stuff and cracked me up during a week of having  the blues. Made me realize I miss listening to comedians, and comedy probably puts me in a better frame of mind then all the true crime programs I watch.

P.S this blog set up chooses the background color from the photo I put up top, and looking at the preview, I can only apologize for the mustard medley the blog created from my yellow note pad.

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