studio saturday


okey dokey. Sometimes this process of evaluating every weekend through pictures is a little discouraging because it seems like everything goes so slowly. But there has been some stuff to look at:

wall number one, the changes are not so easy to see. I’ve started refining bits of paintings. (that’s why there is tape on the wee panel, it is marking progress)

wall one

wall one

There was really nothing different with wall 2 so I decided to take two pictures of wall three instead where the most progress happened this week. I finished drawing in the top left panel and below and to the right of that, I got a study going of a city knot. I plan to do a big one on paper, but it is very hard for me to imagine the ins and outs of forms that move through space, like a knot, so I thought I would start small with just buildings.  Get my brain working. Trying to get things to look correct and not get confused about how the strands entwine in space is not easy for me.  Perspective, blah.


Wall 3 left.

I see the light in this picture is kinda crappy. I got a little panel going and the panel below that one has a drawing I don’t like on it. That will probably just get erased. I drew in one panel sitting on the floor-I’ve always wanted to paint holes, (kind of the opposite side of my attraction to pile forms) but could never figure out ways that made sense. so I was pleased with myself when I woke up with this idea. We will see how it turns out.

wall 3 right

wall 3 right

this week I’ve been listening to The Color Purple(the audio book, not the movie) by Alice Walker,

Crime Beat [a Decade of Covering Cops and Killers]By Michael Connelly, The Murder of the Century,

and The Gilded Age Crime That Scandalized A City & Sparked the Tabloid Wars by Collins, Paul. There was some really interesting bits about how much yellow journalists used to interfere with crime investigation. yikes.

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