studio sunday.

wall1_2-17_smwhoops! Forgot to update yesterday because my sister Beth is in town. We went to see George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. At least I remembered today. I would hate to destroy the alliteration. It would have to have been retitled My bad Monday, or Tragically too Late on Tuesday.

Anyways, what have I been doing this week? Lets see. Wall number one: This week I have been blocking in paintings. The first layer of paint. The oranges, magentas and greens living together on the small panel I started on the top row make me queasy. That painting is going to get a color overhaul. I moved a bridge on the bridge painting. Although tricky, I believe it is a lot easier than moving a bridge in real life.   I have been using some product from Cheap Joes’s called a paint eraser which is a sponge that will strip the paint off the panel. Maybe all sponges do this but this cool little sponge has been useful. It looks a lot to me like the Mr Clean magic  eraser. Maybe it is made out of the same stuff. You have to be careful though because it will take all the paint off even the stuff that has been there since I started the bridge painting a year ago.

Wall number one

Wall number one

Wall number two has been inert this week. Just hey! cats!

Wall number two

Wall number two

and yup, I finally sent off the commission to Chicago and have more room to work with on wall number three. It is not too impressive except the daunting amount of white space. Well, and stripes. I did not put the stripes on the wall, they were here when I moved in. It just seemed like someone worked so hard on them, I couldn’t paint over them. Lately though, I’ve been pondering painting the wall white or off white just for a change. I’ve been here for about 9 years. That is a lot of years of stripes.

Wall number 3

Wall number 3

This past week I’ve been watching the Golden Girls. It reminds me of watching tv with my mom when I was a kid. Also went through Barney Miller and  finally make the connection that Shepherd Book on Firefly was played by Ron Glass who was a detective on Barney Miller. Good times. I need some interesting audio books.



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