I made another funny little slide show of the latest painting.  The reason it super speeds up at the end is not that I suddenly started painting super fast, sadly. I had moved the painting from the easel to my desk  at one point to work on the lower half detail and was too lazy to move the painting back and forth to get pictures. This is a 36 x 60 panel, so it is heavy to a girl with spaghetti arms. I am kinda bummed out the lighting isn’t so good. Lots of blurry shots too. grargh. Oh well. I did the best that I have time for.

This painting was pretty easy going, mostly additive after i got going. I didn’t end up scratching out and painting over much.  This is not always the case. I wish it actually went as fast as a slide show. I started working on this during October and ended it on January 16.

I like how “Megalopolis” kind of sounds like a dinosaur.

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