1. I never heard of that one! it doesnt look as alarming as Kowloon, but still interesting.. I think my mom would skewer me if I made this trip though!

  1. Hi Amy!
    Spacegoat William here. It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? The plate’s 18×22?Just ridiculous! (in the best possible way, of course). Let me know when you’re comfortable enough with an a/p to part with one – I promise it a good home with lots of friends (and a cousin or sibling or two…or so…)

    1. holy cow! Spacegoat William! I was wondering how you were! I think I have the plate good now,(minor additions) i just have to edition it now. you have to come over sometime! or to Zygote, I have a print studio there now too. I hope you are well!

      1. Must not come over to the house!! Bad things happen when I see the works in progress and one sticks in my head and I can’t get it out unless I stare at it every day!! Zygote might be safe though 🙂 Plus I’m pretty fascinated by all the alchemy…you there on a regular kind of schedule? Any plans for when you’ll edition? Keep me posted!

      2. Hey William!
        Sorry I went out of town for a bit and got distracted!
        Well you would be lucky now because I don’t have a ton going on at my studio to look at for the moment! 🙂 but you should definitely stop by Zygote, I’d love to show you around the shop. I don’t have a regular schedule there- I try to go at least once a week- usually on a Monday or Wednesday, but I could meet you there when you have time. I hope to edition the new print this month, but we will see how far I get! Send me an email, we will figure something out.

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