Twin Peaks; Fire Walk with Me exhibit and other news.

Just now finishing up a piece for a group show about the Twin Peaks movie- the follow up to the show last year celebrating the 20th anniversary of the television show.  Here’s a link to info on the show, it will be at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. There are a ton of great artists in the show, I wish I could go see it in person.

Otherwise, everything is going okay, finishing up some projects and next up, in early May I believe, a group show at Zg Gallery in Chicago. My favorite place and favorite ladies in Chicago are celebrating a ten year anniversary this year! woo hoo!

Also upcoming: a couple benefits: 100×100 at Zygote Press, on April, Friday the 13th. 100 artists with 100 pieces which are $100 each, benefiting Zygote Press, my home away from home, my printmaking studio. more woo hoos!

Art Cares benefiting the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland is at MOCA Cleveland this year on April 28th . Should be quite the shindig. I will have this print in the auction:

Small Town, hand colored print from this year.

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