video for Cleveland Arts Prize

I already posted this on my facebook page and I know Zg sent it out, so hopefully people aren’t feeling haunted and harangued by my visage by now, but thought i would link to the video Ted Sikkora did of me in my studio for the Cleveland Arts Prize, if only to keep everything tidy and all together.

Amy Casey from Cleveland Arts Prize on Vimeo.


  1. That’s a wonderful video. Really enjoyed seeing some of your older work, seeing your studio, seeing you at work, and seeing you. I pictured you as super tall with a giant red afro, a Marilyn Monroe cheek mole, sanpaku eyes, and a cleft chin.

  2. What a coincidence! – I just happen to be super tall with all of those attributes you imagined. I hired someone walking by the house (I don’t think I could really call her an actress) to play me for the video. How disappointing that she had such a squeaky voice, since I actually have a voice much closer to that of Bea Arthur,

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