feline outakes


Going through old files on my computer, and finding some funny little moments.
This may explain the cat hairs on my work. 🙂
These first shots are the reason I finally got some flat files.
This is just a working proof Wanda is sitting on. She does not generally get to sit on the finished products.

Wanda helping me shoot Rubble.

Since my house is like a cave,with very little natural light, I usually take work outside to photograph it . This activity mostly attracts Franks, but Last call, a neighborhood cat sweetheart who died this year would also sometimes visit while  I was shooting.

Last Call with Pulling in the Slack

I think she especially enjoyed Snug.
I miss her sweet little face.
She used to come hang out with me while I was working in the garden.

Frankie at her post at the door with top of the heap, entrenched and gravity, respectively.

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