pictures from the POVevolving show

Please let me say right off the bat that the sculptures in these pictures are the awesome work of Jeremy Mora, not me..
I haven’t done anything sculptural since I had to for classes in the 90’s. but I digress. I do claim responsibility for the paintings and etchings pictured here.

heres a quick shot from outside:

walking into the gallery:

my work all in a row..

i enjoyed crawling around on the floor to get shots of our work together. 😉

i think our work has a nice little conversation going on..

my painting “development” as seen above in the background:

heres another juxtaposition:

my painting “compact group”.

and one last piece of jeremy’s:

the show will be up a bit longer though I am not certain what the closing date is. I think we are up until at least the end of October.

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