yes, this is my voluminous studio at the Fine Arts Work Center. i think I could do a couple cartwheels if i was so inclined. (and physically able to.) The first two weeks have positively zipped by. This is a lovely place and I have met some excellent people thus far. A lot of my time has been spent checking out my new surroundings, brainstorming ideas, and starting to find paper homes for some of my ideas.
Also making friends with many new moth species, since I am a night owl. Luckily for the moths, I don’t eat moths like some owls do.

I am working on paintings for upcoming shows:

House WARNING, a group show curated by Melissa Vogley Woods. The show is at  Hopkins Hall Gallery:

152 Hopkins Hall, 128 N. Oval Mall, Columbus, Ohio 43210
The exhibition opens on August 2, and will run through October 6. There will be a reception funded by the Greater Columbus Arts Council on August 13th.

Also opening in August is "State of the City" at  the Rochester Contemporary Art Center.
Opening with a reception on  August 6 (6-10 pm), the show runs through Sep 19, 2010
Trevor Flynn and Spectres of Liberty(Dara Greenwald, Josh MacPhee, and Olivia Robinson) will also be in the exhibition.

In September, Michael Rosenthal Gallery will be representing me at Art San Diego 2010, which will be open Sept 2-5th.

i am going to try to get to updating my website this week, it’s been way too long!

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