Chicago, Delaware..

I’ve been painting up a storm to get ready for my Sept 11 opening in Chicago.

The show will be called Uncertain times and it will be at Zg Gallery.
Right now I feel uncertain that I will finish everything I want to get done for the show on time.  but usually about a month before a show, I have to start dissolving my delusions of grandeur and focus on what I can really accomplish without breaking some  laws of physics.

I did get a chance to see the American Scene Exhibition at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art which I was in. It just closed August 2nd. My work was right next to Meagan Shein’s, who I was lucky enough to meet there at the reception.  Her work is really beautiful, and Meagan is great, and even kind enough to drop me off at the train station afterwards.
I think the show was very interesting and well put together. Wilmington is a funny little town, I was wandering downtown before the reception getting drizzled on for awhile, having been stupid enough not to get proper directions from the Amtrack. A kind hotel worker set me on the right track after getting about a mile in the wrong direction! I have no internal compass.

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