things have been pretty quiet, but lots of steady work to do and exciting things coming up. next(current!) show is at FAVA in Oberlin:

please note poor Glenn’s name is not Greg, unless he’s taken a fancy exhibition name. It’s correct on the back of the card, not pictured
a bit more about the show is here:

i’m gonna try to get to the reception on Sunday(August 17, 2-4 p.m)
I don’t know John Benton, but Glenn’s awesome. he really knows his way around a printing press.

in other news i have a painting on the latest edition of Pleiades, a literary tome of creative writing and criticism/review. i’ve been paging through it when i have moments.
i was interested in writing as a profession for a long time as a child until i went down that more practical road of painting. i think i made the right decision, or perhaps it was made for me. reading always has been an important part of my existence though. i think that was passed to me from my mother, who always seems to be in the middle of two or three books.

more about Pleiades:

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