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i usually work on several things at once.this painting has been kicking around for about a month and a half. i was trying out what two bridges might look like..

and then i thought it would be nice to let any inhabitants sneak out of the window.

anyhow, i’m still working on the painting. i think it’s going to be over run with claw monsters. at least that’s what i imagine right now. whenever i paint little blue houses i think of my great aunt Helen’s house even though i think it was not at all blue. maybe green? i have a terrible memory.

wanda obviously does not see the connection:

here is a detail from a painting i just finished:

i love working on paper. the combination of smooth and absorbent. and i can chip away bits too. mostly i work on rives bfk. i used to love arches when i was in school, but i like rives’ shade of white more now, plus it smells a little better when wet.

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