catch up!

lots of great things have been going on:

I just learned I got an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award. Thats a mouthful! I’m pretty psyched. Thank you Ohio.

I am in the South Bend Regional Museum of Art’s Biennial 24 and although I haven’t seen the show up, i did get to go to some cafe in South Bend when I dropped off my work and bought a pound of fudge, so i can highly recommend traveling to Indiana.I’m hoping to go to the reception in April.

Also I have a gallery in Chicago now! and it’s a really great one run by awesome ladies.
I’m going to be in a group show there starting soon.
their website is here:

Other upcoming shows and things in Cleveland:

I’m in a show called Comic Relief at the Plain Dealer building -1801 Superior Ave. Opening on Monday night, April 2, from 5:30 – 7:30pm. To attend the opening RSVP to by Monday April 2nd. The work I have there is a bit older- 2004-2006. the painting my icon is taken from is going to be in it.
info on that here:

April 20th- 5:30pm – 8:30pm Grand Opening Exhibition of The Wooltex Gallery (at Tower Press)- “Come Closer” features a group of local artists working on a smaller scale.

In May I’ll be involved in a benefit for the CPT- Cleveland Public Theater:

**Coming up in June, I’m going to share a show with Breehan James who was my next door studio neighbor at the Vermont Studio Center and a most kickass-ing-est painter. She currently is finishing up grad school at Yale and I’m hoping that when she is done she will show up on my doorstep with a herd of unicorns and we can ride away into the sunset together. you never know.
the show will be at Parish Hall Cleveland. i think june 1st. i don’t know what will be in the show but i would wager that it won’t be disappointing.

July 13 i believe I will be in the annual “19” exhibition at * which is in my hood.

so a pretty busy first half of 2007! At this moment i am nestled between two snoozing cats-not the most motivating place to be, but i’ve been thinking that i would like to try to fight the urge to nap and use this journal in a more daily way, to document ongoing work. hopefully i can stick to this idea.

heres a picture of me looking haggard in my studio with new work:

ps. do they still make cleveland tofu? i never see it in the grocery anymore..:(

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