i finally updated the 2006 section with my prints from zygote and pictures from 48 hours a bit ago. this month im getting a locker at zygote press and doing my best to not forget how to do printmaking!
by the way, they are having a holiday show:

zygote press
Annual Holiday Show and Sale Open House
Opening Friday, December 8, 6-9 pm
Through December 23rd
Wednesday 11-3pm
Saturday 12-4pm
or by appointment, call 621-2900

I’ll be paticipating in a holiday show at arts collinwood
i believe i’ll be there the weekend of the 15-16.

its entirely possible i’ll also be showing some work at parish hall starting Dec 22

the last show at the e.gordon gallery is still up, i think until the 16? lots of great artists in that, doug utter, amathin, liz maugans, jen omaitz, misha kligman, brenda stumpf, sue danko,artemis aerber, john howitt, dana oldfather, meghann snow, paul sydorenko,jess wheelock, me, and i’m sure some others that my crabby memory isn’t giving me right now.

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