picture update:fun with drapes and tablecloths

hooray for a giant box of free drapes!
ive been trying to have new adventures so i have been cutting things out of the drapes and a tablecloth rachel left behind with an exacto knife.
for instance, a construction fence:

a bridge:

a factory that looks sort of like a squashy beach bag:

heres frankie and wan hanging out in the studio. they both look a little dismayed by the turn of events:

and i tried to get a picture of myself with the cut outs for scale (and posterity)

i thought this one was funny as i was inadvertently giving my work the finger:

and heres the ball of leftover stencil i had made to cut out the bridge:

i think the cut outs arent an end to themselves but just the beginning of a collage type thing. im going to be painting on/besides/under perhaps them..i’d also like to involve sewing somehow.

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