egordon gallery.

hey thanks to everyone who came to the opening! heres a couple shots of the gallery. this isnt all of my work there but alot of it. unfortunately i didnt get pictures of the whole gallery including liz and amathins work. maybe i’ll try to do that tomorrow as it ends this saturday, april first. 🙂 where does the time go?


ive been trying really hard to keep up with printmaking at zygote.. i should post my sad first attempts 🙂 but im hoping i get better as i get used to the processes again. i feel like theres just no time these days. i finally stretched the canvases for the paintings that will end up in the Convivium 33 Gallery show in May. yes and i remembered (or rather doug reminded me) that the other lady in the show is jess wheelock. who i dont know, but who had a show in tremont not too long ago, i think at the brandt gallery. so i think it should be an interesting show, some very different artists. ive not often tried to paint to someone else’s theme so i hope it works out. i just need to make it my own theme i think.

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