show coming up

okay i know i have been deficient on this. ive been a bit of a painting zombie trying to get ready for the upcoming exhibition

Amathin, Amy Casey, Liz Maugans


e.gordon gallery
2026 Murray Hill Rd in Little Italy
216 795 0971

I think my work is going through some kind of transition. arent we all.

Also in the works is an artists residency at Zygote Press here in ole cleveland. We started talking about this in late 2004, it seems like years ago.oh yeah, it was.

I have access to the printing shop and can try pretty much anything, printmaking wise. and I’ll have kind assistance.It’s pretty exciting as I havent touched a press in about 10 years. Since I was so behind on getting ready for that show opening this friday, I havent been able to dedicate much to printmaking yet, but I’m pretty psyched to be trying new things. The residency ends in an exhibition in September I think, so I hope I can pull things together.

Liz who happens to be showing with me at this upcoming show helped to put together Zygote Press (I’m not exactly sure of the precise politics of the matter) shes a great printmaker I think- me and my roomie co-own one of her prints- plus she is showing some paintings/collage type pieces from what I saw of them when I dropped off work that look really interesting.
Also showing is Amathin who I’m not as familiar with, but I saw one of her pieces has tiny horses in it. I’d say thats reason enough for me to go look more. 🙂 she also uses collage I think, although I only saw her work for a moment while I was dropping off my work and was crashing from no sleep. her work seems filled with sweet characters, come and see for yerself.
I’m interested in seeing how the show shapes up.

also I’m making paintings for a show Doug Utter is putting together on the seven deadly sins.
I am sloth which is the sin I most relate to, which is kind of sad considering the more exotic, enjoyable sins out there. That show will be in May and I think will be including myself, Doug(envy) Clay Parker(lust) Cecelia Phillips (gluttony) Misha Kligman(I’m not sure of his sin) and Giancarlo someone-?- (who I believe is pride) and theres seems to be someone missing and I think its a girl, because I seem to recall that there are 3 women. good thing forgetfulness is not a deadly sin.
(or is it?)
The show will be at the Convivium33 Gallery, which was once St. Josaphat on East 33rd Street just off Superior Avenue. Its a pretty amazing space but a little intimadating to be making work for.

hopefully i can post some photos later

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